<aside> 📌 Pinned Tabs

Tabs you want to keep around longer! For tabs you visit all the time or more temporary things like an article to read later or flight info.

To pin a tab:

Frame 7.png

<aside> ⌛ Auto Archive

Archive is a place to view and access closed tabs. Today’s tabs will automatically archive after a set amount of time (default is 12 hours) — you can restore anything you miss from the Archive.

To access the Archive

To adjust the timing of auto-Archive

<aside> 📂 Folders

Groups of tabs — keep all related tabs together for a project, or organize articles you want to read later.

To create a new Folder:

Frame 6.png

<aside> 📡 Spaces

Almost like unique sidebars — they have their own Pinned and Today’s Tabs sections**.** Spaces allow you to separate different browsing contexts and are the best way to organize big areas of your life.

To create a new Space:

<aside> ⭐ Favorites

Tabs you want to access all the time — things like calendar or email. They are the only tabs that are not confined to a specific Space!

To Favorite a tab:

Frame 5.png

<aside> 👥 Profiles


Profiles allow you to scope Logins, Cookies, Browsing History, and other settings to one or multiple Spaces.

A common use for Profiles is separating Work data from Personal data.

To add a Profile to a Space:

For now, Profiles do not sync across devices (but we hope to build this soon!). Your Spaces and Tabs will still sync across devices, even if they belong to a Profile.

Click here for a full video overview of how to use Profiles and Spaces.


Our Favorite Features

<aside> 🪓 Split View

View up to 4 vertical tabs at once — multitasking is easier than ever!

To enter Split View:

To exit Split View:


<aside> 🎶 Notes

Arc has built in Notes so you can open a quick scratchpad whenever.

You can also share a viewable version of your Note, even with people who don't have Arc.

<aside> 🎨 Easel / Capture

Easel is a super simple canvas tool for creating on and with the internet. You can write text, draw, add shapes, etc.

Where Easel really shines is when paired with Capture — a way to snippet parts of the internet to save for later.

<aside> 🎥 Mini Player

Continue watching or listening to something even if you click away from the tab.

To use Mini Player:

To turn off Mini Player:

mini player.gif

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